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Get a firm grasp of your competitors, influencers, current landscape and the possibilities that are yours for the taking. Don’t get stuck in spreadsheets, bring your media to life and find out where the action social media monitoring is quickly with analytics and impactful reporting. Isentia is your real-time media intelligence and insights solution, helping top-performing communication teams make sense of the world’s conversations.

These should include all of your regular mentions of your brand names and the misspellings. Next, add in common brand hashtags and any current campaign hashtags. With over 65,000 news monitoring tools active searches created by over 3,000 companies across APAC, it’s easy to see why Isentia’s services have become a cornerstone for individuals, teams and executives.

Emedia Monitor

Uncover opportunities, maximise ROI and effectively track your owned media to keep agencies accountable. We work directly with our customers to solve problems, create new value and deliver concrete, qualified and actionable insights. Dive deep and find fresh insights with help from our expert team to guide strategic decisions, or simply sense check benchmarks and prove ROI.

On the other hand, when customer services problems are resolved well, 70% of formerly dissatisfied customers will give brands another chance. This is why the speed and accuracy AI Analytics brings to the table is so crucial. Social Media Listeninguncovers consumer insights you can apply to brand strategy. It’s an ongoing task that focuses on getting to knowyour audience and their emotions, so you have a baseline understanding of the consumers you want your brand to reach.

Complaint Search

  • Mentionlytics is a tool for businesses to keep track of brand or product mentions across social networking sites.
  • A good online monitoring service understands that news doesn’t just come from journalists, but also competitor mentions, customer reviews, and more.
  • Online news monitoring should cover the totality of content on the web that mentions the campaigns or terms you’re searching for and include news websites, blogs, and even brand newsrooms.
  • Digimind is a social media listening and competitive intelligence software suite designed for brands and agencies who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach.
  • After all, you’ve been entrusted to track clients’ mentions and respond quickly.

The goal is to learn what consumers care most about, and bring that into your customer experience at every level. I have a commitment to myself to go deeper into social media this year. helps you stay in the know about everything that is out in the open and relates to your company. All you have to do to use that to your advantage is to schedule reports. This way, you will be provided with relevant analytics data on all your mentions daily, fortnightly or monthly. If you regularly do that as part of your brand-building campaign, you probably know how beneficial those insights are for all your endeavours.

Nowadays, anybody can post an opinion on social media and in doing so make it viewable by people around the globe. That means the potential audience for such messages is far, far bigger. The reality is that whether you’re on social media or not, people will still talk about you. By not being there you just won’t be able to listen, to learn, to respond, to influence, or to counteract any messages with your own positive ones.

The Guide To Social Media Monitoring

It allows you to run searches on topics/keywords that are being discussed in forums or discussion boards. It collects data about the content you create, how people interact with that content, and the size and composition of your network. It then collects the data and breaks it down in an easy-to-analyze way. This might not seem like a big deal – aren’t all tools ultimately comparable at a certain level?

The interface also gets a big tick from users, they say it’s easy to navigate and delivers the results they need fast. Onclusive don’t share their prices, but sources suggest they are at the higher end of media monitoring platform costs. They are particularly popular for their broadcast clippings service, which is delivered fast and in a high-quality video format. According to reports, their customer service social media trackers and response time is also impressive and they scored big on being great to work with in general. They definitely save those monitoring TV and radio broadcast a lot of time and help reporting to clients be much easier. It’s been a winner for many big businesses, so brands wanting to be as thorough in their own social listening and response may be willing to dig deep to get this level of insight.


You also want to be alerted to positive swells in sentiment – because these are the users you can put to work as brand advocates and influencers. This was the approach taken by FleishmanHillard when a real-life crisis incited a social crisis. Sometimes responding only fans the flames and does more harm than good. It can draw more attention to something that would’ve just gone away on its own. The most important thing is awareness – and knowing the data received is accurate. Some tools tell you there’s been a “breach,” as Lloyd’s Banking Group puts it, and send you into panic mode over nothing. This careful attention is what allows brands like Buffalo Wild Wings to track sentiment around a potentially risky campaign – pumpkin spice flavored wing sauce.

Don’t miss important coverage, conversations or comments with our suite of services, designed to make monitoring quick, easy, and more meaningful. Best of all, you can reply to tweets, see web page content (news, forums, blogs, etc.), and get direct links to Facebook posts that mention your brand. Rankur offers a free forever plan for one saved search, one user & unlimited mentions. You can also use Cyfe to send regular reports with the data in each dashboard you create, including your monitoring dashboard. allows you to check for the use of your brand on over 500 social networks & online communities. For those smart enough to monitor their competitors, you should look for opportunities to improve your products & services as well as market your brand. Be professional to those who make negative mentions of your brand by offering to resolve their frustrations.

Like Trackur, Linkfluence is all about social media and helping clients discover, track and analyse all the conversations around their brand on those platforms. influencer marketing and awareness days campaign or you’ve implemented some of our best marketing ideas for small business this guide to media monitoring is a good place to start. Only Universal Information Services monitors radio news and programming from nearly 300 radio stations across the United States. Our voice-to-text indexing creates a unique opportunity to understand this exposure and ensures that your key subjects and topics are easily found within moments of airing.

Khoros software and services help you win, serve, and grow customers across social marketing, digital care, and branded communities. Crowd Analyzer is an excellent tool for businesses that target customers residing in the Middle East. They fill the Arabic monitoring and analysis gap in the region, whilst providing accurate English monitoring capabilities as well. You can receive data from platforms like Reddit, Twitter, popular blogs, and several other sources. You can create custom dashboards on this software to ensure that you have as much convenience as possible for monitoring insights. Also, this software sends you an update each time someone mentions your brand. In addition, you receive SMS notifications to offer you suggestions about search terms that you recently used on Twitter.

This is especially true for marketing agencies and mid-sized businesses. With Agorapulse, for example, you can track mentions, set specific alerts and listen out for keywords, hashtags and geotagged posts. When you are building your social media management toolkit, you need to make some hard decisions. You can choose to keep a watch on your competitors by simply entering their brand keyword, and you’ll be presented with all their mentions across the platforms.

BuzzSumo’s main strength is to help users identify the most popular content across social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. It monitors everything from social sites to review sites and more with the ability to add custom monitoring as well. You can also use the data to find out how your audience compares with that of your competitors to uncover opportunities for more targeted marketing. You can drill down into the charts by clicking on a point to see individual mentions on social, and take actions accordingly. The reporting includes unlimited historical data, meaning you can go back in time as far as the data allows. There’s also a white-labeling option available to enterprise users, so you can generate your own branded reports.

Seeing your audience’s reaction to your latest marketing campaign, product or announcement will help you to improve your products or services by tailoring them to your customers’ needs. Monitoring your social media accounts gives you insight into what your customers news monitoring tools are discussing, thus helping you to meet their needs and boosting satisfaction. Mention is free for 2 alerts & up to 250 mentions per month across all channels. Plans start at $29 for more alerts, mentions & features such as analytics & mention history.